I run the Best of Times Short Story Competitions twice a year; once in Autumn and once in Spring. I advertise them to writers' groups and on Facebook. - C. A. Broadribb.

The Best of Times Short Story Competition

Autumn 2006 results

Note: stories are available for reading only where the authors have given permission.

First Place ($200)

Peta Murray, NSW: “Brahma, Beer, Bile and Bhang”

Second Place ($100)

Peter Watts, WA: “The Legend of Lucky Last”

Third Place ($50)

David Campbell, Vic: “Harry and the Wobbleboards of Kazmurkistan”

Highly Commended

Michael Hunt, NSW: “The True Story of Rock ‘N’ Roll”

Phil Ilton, Vic: “Kirribilli Capers”

Dan Patch, NSW: “Silly Mid On”

Allen McKay, NSW: “Sentimental”


Megan Hills, Qld: “Confessions of the Body”

Margaret Dakin, Qld: “Not if I See You First”

Peter A. Lane, NSW: “Longer, Straighter, Phooey!!”

Margaret Carmichael-Leonard, Vic: “Love, Set and No Match”

Christine Tapper, WA: “Solemates”

There were 106 entries in the competition, from 65 entrants.