I run the Best of Times Short Story Competitions twice a year; once in Autumn and once in Spring. I advertise them to writers' groups and on Facebook. - C. A. Broadribb.

The Best of Times Short Story Competition

Autumn 2014 results

Note: stories are available for reading only where the authors have given permission.

First Place ($500)

Heather MacKenzie, QLD: "Running to Time"

Second Place ($100)

Simon Vella (penname), VIC: "Mental Gymnastics"

Third Place

David Day, ACT: "War and Lunch"

Highly Commended

Simon Vella (penname), VIC: "I Put That Thing in my Mouth!"

Tania Pearse, SA: "Mother Knows Best"

Sue Braint, VIC: "Rules of the Game"


Simon Vella (penname), VIC: "Darling, I'd Like You to Meet..."

Ray Scott, VIC: "The Mattress"

Olivia Mulligan, NSW: “The Saga of the Confiscated Knickers”

Loren Auder, QLD: "Where's Wazza"

There were 63 short stories in the competition, from 51 entrants.