I run the Best of Times Short Story Competitions twice a year; once in Autumn and once in Spring. I advertise them to writers' groups and on Facebook. - C. A. Broadribb.

The Best of Times Short Story Competition

Spring 2021 results

Note: stories are available for reading only where the authors have given permission.

First Place ($437)

David Vernon, ACT: The Gardener Revealed

Second Place ($62)

Jim Brigginshaw, NSW: Willy Faces Up To It

Third Place ($31)

David Vernon, ACT: Of Anal Probes And Ivermectin

Highly Commended

Leigh Garrahy, QLD: There's No I In Team

Greg Southwell, ACT: Resident Hero

Karen Jamieson, NSW: People These Days


Crisetta MacLeod, NSW: The Salutary Tale Of The GABA Interspecies Tea Party: Give Peace A Chance

Ray Scott, VIC: A Good Mate

Tony Barrett, TAS: Of Mice And Mechanics

Heather Mackenzie, QLD: Natty Notions

There were 64 short stories in the competition, from 50 entrants.
Total entry fees received: $625.12.