I run the Best of Times Short Story Competitions twice a year; once in Autumn and once in Spring. I advertise them to writers' groups and on Facebook. - C. A. Broadribb.

The Best of Times Short Story Competition

Spring 2008 results

Note: stories are available for reading only where the authors have given permission.

First Place ($200)

David Campbell, VIC: "Bodice-Ripping Yarns"

Second Place ($85)

Barry Rosenberg, QLD: "Polly the Palette"

Third Place ($50)

Faye Honey, QLD: "Modern Efficiency"

Highly Commended

Cheryl Rogers, WA: “Blood's Thicker”

Amanda Gray, NSW: "Politics, Power and Poopy-Heads"

Gloria Anderlini, QLD: "The Tooth Fairy"

Sandra James, VIC: "Gobbledygook"


Jenny Ingram, QLD: "The Three Little Wolves"

Mitchell Lewis, NSW: “The Labours of Mediocus”

Alan C Williams, France: "Encounters of the Koala Kind"

Gayle Marien, VIC: "Trolleys International”

Leisl Egan, VIC: "Frederick's Freedom"

There were 87 short stories in the competition, from 64 entrants.