I run the Best of Times Short Story Competitions twice a year; once in Autumn and once in Spring. I advertise them to writers' groups and on Facebook. - C. A. Broadribb.

The Best of Times Short Story Competition

Spring 2009 results

Note: stories are available for reading only where the authors have given permission.

First Place ($200)

David Campbell: "The Case of the Cinnamon Canary"

Second Place ($70)

Peter Lingard: "The Love Letter"

Third Place ($50)

P.S. Cottier: "Bloogled"

Highly Commended

Doug Pender: “Bertram's Greatest Triumph”

Jack Davis: "Uncle Percy's Flying Houseboat"

Gary McHugh: "It's a Wrap"

Gayle Beveridge (penname): "Danhooden"


Margaret Hayes: "The Djinn"

Dean Briggs: “Preoccupational Self, and Hasty”

Vicky Daddo: "The Long and the Short of Life in the Future"

Maggie Veness: "Intoxicating Therapy”

Ken Pope: "The Taking of Steriod 123"

There were 80 short stories in the competition, from 62 entrants.